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What are the effects of a Percussion Massager?

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Understanding the Legendary Therapy

It was told that there is an ole folk lore per se, no a legendary therapy done long before massage guns were being made. This legendary therapy was used to repair muscles that have been fatigued through the trials of battle. It was so legendary that for thousands and thousands of years, this legendary therapy has been used only by the ones skilled enough, as well as the ones that possess the deepest knowledge on how to control the powers of this legendary therapy.

If we dig further into this “Legendary Therapy” we’ll actually come to terms of understanding what it actually is and how it actually works. This legendary therapy I speak of; I’m sure you may have figured it out by now. This therapy was supposedly developed by the gods of old for the gods of old (it’s all theoretical, if not then hey it’s a good filler).

The Legendary Therapy has many techniques, some of which fall into the same category. If you’ve ever heard the term Tapotement, then you know. According to a google search of the word, which is a definition from Oxford Languages, tapotement is the rapid and repeated striking of the body as a technique in massage. Now this really sounds like a modern-day version of what we like to call, use of a massage gun. Other names such as vibration therapy, thumper massage and percussion massage are also given.

Applications of Vibration Therapy


Vibration therapy is now used in many different fields of therapy. Sports therapist use massage guns as their go to vibration therapy because the results are proven. The vibration is the physical contact in a rhythmic pulsation for training effects and therapy. The vibration therapy is supposed to increase strength, boost productions of hormones, improve flexibility, help warm-up and activate muscles, and speed up recovery time.


More and more Doctors, as well as, Physical Therapist have been converting to use of percussion therapy via massage guns for lesser situations that involve more of a tender care and therapeutic take. In a study that was approved by the Institutional Ethical Committee of Jamia Millia Islamia, Pre-test and Post-test Control-Group Design was used, 45 healthy female non athletic subjects were randomly assigned to the three equal groups. After the subject’s initial condition was measured experimental groups received vibration therapy or massage therapy intervention and control group received no treatment, just prior to the eccentric exercise.

Subjects were undergoing the following measurements to evaluate the changes in the muscle condition (without bold in continuation with the earlier lines).

Muscle soreness (pain perception), ROM, MIF, 1 RM, LDH and C K level. All the parameters except LDH, CK and 1RM were measured before, immediately post intervention, immediately post exercise, 24 hours post exercise, 48 hours post exercise and 72 hours post exercise. LDH, CK and 1RM were measured before and 48 hours post exercise. Source: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

The Results

Muscle soreness developed after exercise in all three groups but significantly less for experimental (vibration and massage) group (p=0.000) as compared with control group at 24, 48, and 72 hours of post-exercise. Vibration shows early recovery compare to massage at 24 hours (p=0.031).

Maximal Isometric Force (MIF) No significant difference in per exercise MIF (p=0.4189) was found between experimental and control group. Experimental and control group did not shows any significant difference immediate (p=0.2898), 24 hours (p=0.4173), 48 hours (p=0.752) and 72 hours (p=0.5297) of post-exercise.

For Range of motion there was No significant difference in pre exercise ROM (p=0.9322) was found between experimental and control group. Both experimental and control group did not show any significant difference immediate (p=0.1458), 24 hours (p=0.1892) of post-exercise. In 48 hours (p=0.0016) and 72 hours (p=0.0463) significant recovery shown by experimental groups.

Lactate Dehydrogenase was No significant difference in pre exercise LDH (p=1.000) was found between both experimental (vibration and massage) and control group. Vibration therapy showed significantly lesser LDH level (p=0.000) 48 hours of post exercise compare to control group.

The Conclusion

The result of this study indicates that vibration therapy and massage therapy both are equally effective in prevention of DOMS. Massage is more effective in restoration of concentric strength (1 RM), yet vibration therapy shows clinically early reduction of pain and is effective in decrease the level of LDH in 48 hours post exercise periods. They can be used as an alternative to each other depending on the requirement and condition. But the difference in time taken for the execution of the treatment can play a pivotal role. Situations where time is the essence, vibration can be used and in other the concerned therapist’s skill and choice may decide the interventions. Also, you can find the full study done here at this link >>> https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3939523/


We all know life can be pretty tough and strenuous sometimes. With that being said, there’s always solutions nearby that can help us relieve the tension build of stress and pain. Before, it was hard to know this secret but now it’s out in the open and everyone should know about it. That is if you don’t already. Massage guns are now compact and affordable. They’re easy to use and reliable for the most part. Now I’m not saying just go get any massage gun, I’m saying to do your research or you can just follow my suggestion.

Growing up in a family of service workers, such as military, police and nurses, I know that it’s a tough life for those areas. Waiting tables is also tough. Food industry workers, teachers, construction and shipyard workers have a more difficult time doing their job and less time to relax. If anything, these professions have a free ticket to complain all they want because they normally have to put up with the majority of complaints all day anyways. In return, these fine professionals deserve some relaxation time with some corrective and stress relief therapy. Since massage guns are portable, especially now a days, think about them in the future. Get your local service man/woman a massage gun to show your thanks. It helps out a bunch, trust me. Full disclaimer here, I’m not suggesting you bribe the officer/nurse or whatever. It’s just a gift with no attachments.

Ending Notes

Please for the love of God and People, don’t use the massage gun on your head, it’s not meant for that. With that out of the way, use the massage gun before a workout, during a workout, during work breaks, when you get home, and such. It’s a great stress reliever and helps repair muscles. You can also view this article on Medium https://medium.com/@nobull/what-are-the-effects-of-a-percussion-massager-d20cdd3a711b

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